Walnut Hill Hunt Club
Caroline county, Va.

Per the March 2 nd  meeting and the meeting highlights that were e-mailed to the membership , we will be meeting on May 18 , 2014 at 1:00 pm at the skinning shed on Walnut Hill .
Any one who has not paid their dues by this meeting should bring their dues money to this meeting . If you cannot pay in full by this meeting , YOU MUST contact Nate no later than Thursday the 15 th . Remember : dues are $600 this year and dog drivers are to contribute $100 .
The fundraiser packets will be handed out at this meeting also .
We also will be trying again to clarify how the "Work Captain " concept is supposed to work as there still seems to be some confusion on this .
Anyone who knows a member that does not have e-mail , PLEASE pass this reminder along to them .
Anyone who has a prospective new member , please bring them to this meeting .
We look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday May 18 .
                                                   Thank's ,                   The Board of Walnut Hill Hunt Club
 I found this one at the post office ...  Wilson Loving whereabouts unknown. If seen, contact the Walnut Hill Board of directors or the Top of the Hill Country Club Association for detailed instructions.  Crime of Choice. Attempting to harvest a deer with # 4 and # 5 small game loads. I think that is a Federal offence. Last seen in Caroline County with Ben Jeter...DG
Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date Time Event
7/1/2005 5:00pm Company Picnic at Shallowford Farms
7/11/2005 2:00pm Walk-a-thon for Charity
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If you have pictures of any hunts, send them to me at woandersonody@hotmail.com.  I will see about adding them to the site, size is limited
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