Walnut Hill Hunt Club
Caroline county, Va.

The next WHHC meeting will take place on Sept. 28 at 2:00 p.m. at the Skinnin' Shed at Walnut Hill.
Anyone that has not already turned in their signed by-laws must bring them to this meeting.
We will have new membership cards, keys and stickers for anyone that does not have them.
No one will be allowed to hunt on any property after Sept. 28th unless we have your signed by-laws and
you have a new membership card.

Reminder that September 27th is the Special Youth Hunt on Saturday.  
Anyone who plans to bring a youth for this event, please be sure to sign in the book.  
If any work details have been scheduled for Saturday the 27th, please change that date to Sunday 28th
or after in consideration of the youth hunters.

 I found this one at the post office ...  Wilson Loving whereabouts unknown. If seen, contact the Walnut Hill Board of directors or the Top of the Hill Country Club Association for detailed instructions.  Crime of Choice. Attempting to harvest a deer with # 4 and # 5 small game loads. I think that is a Federal offence. Last seen in Caroline County with Ben Jeter...DG
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If you have pictures of any hunts, send them to me at woandersonody@hotmail.com.  I will see about adding them to the site, size is limited
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